Since 2006 Pattaya Job Centre has helped thousands of employers find staff in Pattaya. We’ve met a lot of employers in Pattaya in person at the Pattaya Job Centre office in Central Pattaya, we’ve spoken to many on the phone and replied to many more via email.

During that time our website became the number one job portal in Pattaya for employers. We have upgraded the website so it becomes a better experience for employers and jobseekers, ensuring everyone benefits from the new and improved features that are covered below. By using our paid Pattaya job listing online service, you have made us number one and that’s why the best variety of jobseekers choose are service every time.

Features for Registered Employers

Submit Jobs

Our new and improved Pattaya job website makes it simple to post your jobs online. Our staff will do a human translation as our site is a dual language job portal. If your a first time employer, we also ask you to fill in your company details. Please remember to add your company logo and fill in as much information as possible.

Manage Jobs

The job manager makes it easy to edit your jobs online. Jobseekers will apply for jobs and you will receive a notification.

Manage Applications

In the same section you can manage a job seekers application. There are features to contact them, leave notes and also a star rating.

Resume Search

Since 2006 Pattaya Job Centre has spent a great deal of time building and fine tuning the resume search function. Now you can search for resumes using Keywords, Multiple Categories and Location. This is the best resume search in Pattaya. No other site comes close.


The bookmarks make it easy for you to save your favourite jobseeker resumes.



View your previous orders for job listings you’ve made on our new site. Does not include orders before the new site was launched.

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